Ad:tech is an annual digital marketing conference held in New York, where leaders in brand marketing, publishing, and tech solutions come together to develop new strategies and build new partnerships.  Between November 3-4, attendees can attend panels about the impact of social media, socialize with coworkers, and take classes on professional leadership.  The conference provides an expo of products and services for professionals to browse throughout their time there.  Last year, it attracted guests from over 64 countries. The Ad:tech conference facilitates connection, communication, and problem-solving so everyone in the industry can create the best experience for each other and their customers.

Ad:tech is more than a great networking opportunity.  The conference sponsors lectures from top notch leaders in the marketing and tech fields.  For example, Marc Maron, the popular comedian and podcast host, will host the opening address on Saturday morning.  The Keynote address at 1:00pm will discuss the role of digital media in the impending presidential elections.  An expert on company branding, the President of Dunkin Donuts John Costello will speak about optimizing mobile platforms in order to better engage consumers.

On the Expo floor, up-and-coming startups take advantage of the opportunity to make lasting impressions on both amateur techies and seasoned executives.  An international pavilion will feature startups from Israel and Canada.  Also on the Expo floor, attendees can go to events at think:tech, popular classes on thought-leadership.  Ad:tech does allot some time for leisure: beer pong and ping pong are both viable amusement options during happy hour.

With over 7,000 attendees last year, this November’s Ad:Tech is sure to be a success.  The field of digital marketing is growing at an exponential rate.  The exciting results of this progress reflect in the ideas of its professionals.  While the work of the digital marketplace is executed on computers, tablets, and mobile devices, it’s the people who we work with that make this work possible.  Events like ad:tech are impressive displays of the brain power behind the developments in the industry.